What Makes This Pasta The Best Gluten Free Pasta In Town?

The very thought of gluten free pasta makes us cringe in disgust. Even if they manage to ‘honor’ the celiac problems, they taste so very bland and boring that you are compelled to think whether you will ever be able to enjoy your favorite Italian dishes anymore. This is the very reason why you should settle for nothing less than the Best Gluten Free Pasta in the market – the Tinkyada  with Rice Bran, 16-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12).


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Now the question is…

What makes this gluten free pasta the best? Is it really the best?

Let’s find out…

What makes this the ‘best’ gluten free pasta?

The primary ingredient in it is whole grain brown rice.

Rice itself is gluten free and whatever gluten you get is only introduced by the other ingredients at the time of cooking. And brown rice is naturally a better alternative…since it has a higher nutritional value. It is particularly good for celiac patients. Brown rice pasta that too made from the ‘whole grain’ is of course a much better option.


Photo Credit: Chiew Pang via Compfightcc

Another prime ingredient that goes into making this pasta is Rice Bran. This rice-bran is a super anti-oxidant that keeps you healthy and energetic.

When ingredients are so powerful, no wonder this pasta is considered to be …

A Nutritional Powerhouse

When this pasta is compared with other leading pasta brands of the industry, it has been found that, this pasta meets all the nutritional requirements just right.

 tinkyada_brown_rice_penne_pasta  brand_x_pasta

In a nutshell, each serving of Tinkyada Brown Rice Penne Pasta will give you 210 calories, 0 gram saturated fat and only 43 gram of carbohydrate. That endorses this pasta real well because Livestrong.com suggests ideal calorie consumption for dinner to be around 650 calories.

P.S. This pasta is also a good source of dietary fiber – in case you had not noticed!


This pasta has more benefits that make it a stand out.

Tinkyada’s manufacturing process is optimal so that no cross-grain contamination happens. award_1 

 award_2 It does not become mushy and you get a delightful eating experience.

Preparing this pasta is not only easy but energy saving too. Just cook it in boiling water for a couple of minutes, switch off the stove and let the pasta stay in the water for 18 more minutes. Fear overcooking? The classic texture of this pasta can actually withstand a bit of overcooking. award_3 

 award_4 Even the manufacturer, Food Directions Inc believes that for them ‘Quality Improvement is a Continuing Function’.

 No preservatives – an added bonus.  award_5

award-6  And finally, the cherry on top, this pasta has been given the Kosher certification from the Kasruth Council of Toronto.

Quite obviously customers gave nothing but positive feedback on this product.

Check out what satisfied consumers had to say:

“I can’t think of a single negative thing to say. . .”

“…Imagine my surprise today when I cooked it up and found it not only holds its shape but tastes good and handles sauce beautifully. Wowsa! I’m in pasta love! I cooked mine by boiling it up for approximately 12 minutes, and it didn’t glob up, fall apart, or otherwise cause me any grief…”

Gabriela Perez

A migraine saver

“…It tastes great and doesn’t have any wheat or gluten to which I am allergic to. My husband who doesn’t have the allergies notes decreased bloating and thinks it tastes better than regular pasta. I also love the energy saving cooking directions…”

C. Wynn

It surpasses every other brand I’ve tried of gluten-free pastas

“…No weird texture/taste with Tinkyada and it cooks up as creamy or al dente as you want with a simple addition/reduction of cooking time. Sauces cling to it exceptionally well…”

T.M. Gray

With consumer reviews giving a nod of approval, it would be only wise to give tasty and nutritional pasta a try.

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