The Tastiest Gluten Free Mac And Cheese With Real Cheese!


Your Gluten Intolerance must have you looking for the GF versions of quite a few favorites. And this (long) list must include the ultimate comfort food – gluten free mac and cheese. Without much ado, here it is!Introducing the GF macaroni and cheese that tastes like the real thing:

Annie's Homegrown Gluten-Free Rice Pasta.


You must be thinking that with so many gluten free products around, you are sure to find quite a few mac and cheeses as well. But then why are we recommending this one to you?That’s because this one beeped not just on our gluten-free radar but also jumped out at us for a number of other reasons!

Check them out here:

So, Macaroni is always supposed to be with wheat (that has gluten) and cheese too could be contaminated! How can you be sure that this gluten free mac and cheese won’t leave your tummy feeling uneasy?

That’s because Annie’s takes their promise very seriously and partner with reliable suppliers for:
  • Non-contaminated rice flour.
  • Real cheese made from milk of cows that are not treated with growth hormones so that it is 100% organic.

The result? Yummy tasting mac and cheese that is completely safe on your gluten free diet!

Photo Credit: JillWillRun via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: JillWillRun via Compfightcc

While it may be pasta made with rice flour, but so far as taste goes, you will never be able to tell it apart from regular wheat macaroni and cheese.

They’ve really come up with a surprising gluten-free winning dish with this one.

And it does come with the personal touch since Annie is a real person! She’s a farmer, a mother and a wife – and one who feels very strongly about living organic!

Worried about the hassle of preparing mac and cheese – especially the gluten free version. Worry not. It is THIS simple:

  1. Boil water
  2. Cook pasta
  3. Drain
  4. Warm milk
  5. Add cheese from packet
  6. Stir in pasta and combine

And with Amazon of course, you get a number of other advantages:

Subscribe instead of ordering it individually every time and save 5% on the price!

If you are still in two minds, these testimonials from Amazon will definitely help you make up your mind:

 Annie’s makes GREAT gluten free mac & cheese

Richard Cruse “glutenfreeforlife”

Birmingham, AL USA
Amazon Verified Purchase“his is the best gluten free mac & cheese I have found. I found this at my local health food store, about the only place I shop now that I have to eat gluten free, and loved it. When I saw it on Amazon by the case (and $10 off to boot) I was excited. ”


Ken & Julie Culver

Amazon Verified Purchase“Finally a GOOD GF mac and cheese! I don’t usually leave reviews but i HAD to for this! It’s just like the real thing!”

Do you really want to deliberate over gluten free mac and cheese anymore? Get ordering the best you can get!


Annie’s Homegrown Gluten-Free Rice Pasta

The Best Buy


Article Name
The Tastiest Gluten Free Mac And Cheese With Real Cheese!
Macaroni is a total no-no on your gluten free diet. But… MACARONI AND CHEESE needn’t be! Here’s one that you can have SAFELY!

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