The One Of A KIND Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal Bar!

What better way to start your day than with a gluten free breakfast cereal bar!

Breakfast is one of the major meals of the day, but amidst all the flurry of activity and the adrenalin, you probably just ditch it. And your food sensitivity does not make it any easier; you can’t just grab anything at hand and munch on it while you go through the morning rush.

But you should never skip your breakfast – and to ensure that you don’t have to, we bring you the perfect gluten free way to start your day.



Kind Bar Fruit and Nut: Almond and Apricot; Box of 12

Of course you might have already gone through rack after rack of gluten free bars…almost ready to accept that there’s no way you can get a 100% gluten free cereal bar that tastes good and is healthy at the same time. So chances are that you will be rather cynical about this particular product – “what’s so different about this one?”

We researched the ‘Kind Bar’ for free – just so that we could let you in on what makes this cereal bar different and better than all the others lining the supermarket racks.

 Nutritional-facts-of-gluten-free-cereal-bar With every cereal bar you bite into, you power up with:

  • Protein – 3 grams
  • Fiber – 5 grams 

And given that you don’t come across apricots in cereal bars very often, the smooth blend of almonds, apricots and coconuts is a refreshing change for your palette.

 Nutty and refreshing with the most natural ingredients. Unique punch of healthy and tasty!  Ingredients

Plus, munching on this cereal bar will give you the chance to power up without:

  • Adding weight – research by Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center proves that 2 Kind cereal bars a day helps to lose weight.
  • No sugar spike in the blood stream – the Kind bars are all low Glycemic foods.

Of course, there are several people who have gone through the same grind of looking for the perfect gluten free cereal bar and have been wooed and won over by the KIND Breakfast bar. Here are a few snippets from those who have been wowed over:

Such a treat!

“In my experience, KIND bars are a great snack to have around that house. My son is allergic to gluten and casein and having these snacks around help keep him full – and – help him to realize that you can still eat delicious things while on a restrictive diet.”

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- Kristy N. “olaughlink”


“Thank Goodness for Kind bars…since I was diagnosed with Celiac and I have to live GF now I have been looking for a healthy alternative and Hallelujah I have found it!!!!! Just give these bars a try… my hubby who does not have Celiac loves them we have both lost weight following the suggestion of two bars a day to promote weight loss…”

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- Maria D. Phipps

Now that you have this perfectly gluten free, sugar free healthy alternative to breakfast bars, why wait and let others clear the racks? No more skipping breakfast (and no worries when you want to snack)…


Power up with Kind Bar Fruit and Nut: Almond and Apricot; Box of 12

The One Of A Kind Gluten Free Breakfast Cereal Bar!

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Kind Bar Fruit and Nut: Almond and Apricot; Box of 12
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