Living Gluten Free Doesn’t Mean You Go Hungry Or Over-Budget

It is a really wrong assumption that living gluten free means you have to go hungry, or that your food expenses become overburdening. You might think that you will have to go hungry – since you can no longer munch on your favourite snacks, or dine out at your favourite haunts....And if you are forced to pay a lot to buy gluten free ingredients, it could be hard on your food budget.

Photo Credit: elana's pantry via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: elana's pantry via Compfight cc

But nothing could be farther from truth. Living a gluten free life does have a few restrictions, but none of them are too difficult to follow.

Others can tell you what you can’t do on a gluten free diet. What we tell you here is what you CAN do – what people living happy gluten free lives usually do. It is time to take a leaf out of their book and take stock of...

Quick pocket friendly tips to lead - a happy gluten free life:

  1. Know your gluten free diet. If you know what to eat and what not to eat – like wheat and all its aliases – grocery shopping becomes a lot easier. Don’t forget to read the labels carefully.
  2. Buy your gluten free ration in bulk amounts. It saves both your money and multiple trips to the grocery.
  3. Try to cook your own meals. This way you can mix and match and create new recipes by using gluten free ingredients. Try leftovers – they can help you create signature dishes.
  4. Try more of vegetarian and vegan preparations than meat ones. It saves a lot to eat fresh organic vegetables and fruits. Plus, they are very healthy....and more of vegan and/ vegetarian outlets are coming up daily.
  5. Make your own snacks – packaged snacks are a tad costlier. And, if you make your own, there is less chance of any contamination. Try cookie mixes for instance – especially gluten free chocolate cookies, they never fail to satisfy snacks-hankerings.
  6. Try potatoes – sweet potatoes have zero percentage of gluten. And potatoes can be used to make wholesome meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  7. Soups and broths are soul-warming gluten free foods. You can use your leftovers for them, and they are budget friendly too.
  8. Give pasta a try – Gluten free pasta can be slightly costly, but you can always buy in bulk. Pasta uncooked doesn’t get you can keep and cook.

Living gluten free is not as difficult as it is made out to be. People do it all the time – even those who are not gluten intolerant, who just want to live healthy. It is not a ‘diet’ that leaves you hungry and burns a hole in your pocket. It is a way of life that keeps you healthy, happy and creative in the kitchen.

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Living Gluten Free Doesn’t Mean You Go Hungry Or Over-Budget
Do you also share the view that gluten free life is restrictive? It is time to find out how right you are.

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