Knowing Which Foods Are SAFE On Your Gluten Free Food List

Choosing gluten free food is quite a tough task. Your diet and gluten sensitivities make it essential that you stay off all gluten containing foods – but most of us aren’t even aware completely of exactly what contains gluten and what doesn’t. Chances are you just made a list of things that you don’t think you could do without – and you ended up putting little question marks next to quite a few of the list items!

And if it isn’t you who’s suffering then it is a completely different story! Say you wanted to send edible gifts to such a person; you are probably the last person to know what can be sent and what can’t! So what do you do?

The best option is of course to search for food that is specially formulated for people with gluten sensitivity. In fact, Amazon does feature quite a few gluten free gifts – including gift baskets that contain more than one gluten free edible item! And we have selected 2 such gift baskets for you!

So far as staples and the regular eats are concerned, there are a few items that can leave gluten-sensitive people wondering. The two top categories when worrying about gluten free foods are grains and dairy. So let’s just break those categories down a bit:


Couscous is a big part of the Middle Eastern cuisine – in fact it IS their staple grain. But the word ‘grain’ rings warning bells for gluten sensitivity. The question is, Is couscous gluten free? And if it isn’t, what can you do about it (yes, there is actually something you can do about it!)?

Brown Rice

Next grain is Brown Rice. You know it is a healthy option, rich in fiber and other minerals. And anyone who has had brown rice will swear by its taste. But is Brown Rice gluten free?

You could find that out now!


While we do usually take this to be a grain – the truth is just slightly different… It is a grain-like edible seed. It does make for the yummiest (and healthiest) salads and staple dishes… But could it make you start feeling bloated and unwell?

Is Quinoa Gluten Free? Better find out before you get started!


Another grain – barley is quite widely had. Rich in essential amino acids and having the ability to regulate blood sugar levels, it is indeed a great grain for those with diabetes. But the only question that concerns you is –

Is barley gluten free? Why don’t you find out for yourself?

Rice Krispies

Rice Krispies – yummm! Made from rice, these are literally puffed up nuggets of crispy goodness. They are a favorite with most people – maybe you as well… But could it be the reason for the occasional discomfort in the stomach?

There’s only one way to know – by finding out if Rice Krispies are gluten free!


Now we come to the dairy section… When we think of milk and lactose intolerance, yogurt is the one product that is allowed in moderation. But your problem is a little different, isn’t it??

Does gluten sensitivity and yogurt necessarily agree with each? Good question, considering the overall digestive and health benefits of yogurt!


Cheese is another dairy product where you could quite naturally worry about the gluten content. So before you try, we’d again advise you to check out the link (existent or non-existent) between gluten and cheese!

Ice cream

Now that’s milk in its purest form – if you compare with the other two we just mentioned… And who, seriously WHO does not like ice cream?!

But do you need to be worried about ice-cream on the gluten free diet? The waffle cone, yes, maybe – but the ice cream??


And finally – the food of the Gods! Chocolate… healthy, yummy – verging on the sinful… But would it be absolute sin for you to have with your gluten sensitivity??

Needless to say – you NEED to find out if chocolate is gluten free!

We hope we’ve covered at least the staples (and a few treats here and there)… And once you’ve found the answers to all these questions, let’s hope that you can actually erase more of the question marks against items on your gluten free food list!

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Knowing Which Foods Are SAFE On Your Gluten Free Food List
When you are gluten sensitive – suddenly you need to work out a list of foods you cannot eat. So, find out today which ones are really safe and which ones aren’t?

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