Is Jasmine Rice Gluten Free? Find The Answer Here!

This is a very pertinent question especially for those with celiac disease. Jasmine Rice is a very versatile grain, and can make for lovely dishes. But since even the hint of gluten can make a celiac person, or one with gluten intolerance fall sick, it is important that the rice be gluten free for you to try it.

And we have tried to answer that question here:

Yes, Jasmine Rice is by itself just another variety of rice – and therefore naturally gluten free. For that matter, even the eponymous ‘glutinous’ rice or sticky rice, is actually free of gluten. So naturally, Jasmine rice contains no gluten.

Often what happens is that a number of grains are processed and packaged at the same facilities. And at any of these, if gluten containing grains and Jasmine rice were to be processed together, there is always a risk of cross contamination. And that is one thing that people with gluten allergy need to be very careful about.


Ideally, you should go for a variety that is certified to be ‘gluten free’ – that way you can be certain that it has been packaged and processed at a safe facility. And today, just to help you out – we have brought you one such good brand:

Lundberg Rice Eco-Farmed California Jasmine White, Gluten Free, 32-ounces

This rice is a kind that is only grown in Thailand, and as such, there may always be the scare of cross contamination. But since the package says it is ‘Gluten Free’, you can rest assured.

The general idea from the customers reviews is that:

  • This is priced quite well, and isn’t expensive at all.
  • It is organic and free of any chemicals.
  • It is very good quality Jasmine Rice.

But that’s not all – the good news for you is that it is safe to have with your gluten allergy! And there is also the advantage of you saving a further 5% on the 6 pack deal if you go for the ‘Auto Reorder’ option!

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So now that you have the answer to your question - “Is Jasmine Rice gluten free?” – you know that yes it is safe for you. But that is if and only if there has been no cross contamination. And just in case you were looking for such a product, we have brought you that as well! So, order it soon, and you can then enjoy the ‘aromatic long grains’ of Jasmine rice without a worry at all!

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