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When you are diagnosed with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, the first thing to be done is to switch to a gluten free diet. After all, eliminating the offending substance is the easiest and best defense. And when trying to zero in on what grains to have on this diet, many people seem to have numerous questions, one of those being “is basmati rice gluten free?”


And today we are trying to answer that question…

Basmati rice and gluten

As is true with any rice be it brown rice, white rice, jasmine rice, Arborio rice, enriched rice, et al, basmati rice is also free of gluten. And that is a given since rice isn’t one of the 3 grains that do contain gluten. However, the problem actually arises during the harvest or thereafter during the processing and packaging of your favorite basmati rice.

Often a number of grains are harvested, sorted and even packed in the same facilities. And if any of these grains do contain any gluten (wheat, barley, rye), then there is always a very real scare of cross contamination. And for people who have celiac disease or have severe gluten intolerance, even these small traces can spell disaster!

Now, since the grain itself doesn’t contain gluten, you can sure have it – provided that you go for a brand that is certified ‘gluten free’. And the good news is that today we have got 2 such products for you:

  #1:Lundberg Rice Eco-Farmed California Basmati Brown, Gluten Free

Basmati rice is fine and delicate long grain rice. And when you can have it free from gluten contamination, there is nothing quite like it. But let’s put a health twist on your favorite basmati rice with this!

As you can see, this is the brown rice version of your regular basmati. This means that you get the taste and the aroma of the rice, along with the fiber and nutrition that is in the germ. The only difference you will notice with this rice is that there is very little to no elongation.  

However, that is a normal part of brown rice. And if you are indeed looking for a healthier alternative, then this one guarantees that along with taste and aroma! And don’t just believe us – go and check out the reviews left by customers for yourself. And then once you are convinced, you can go ahead and order it!

Lundberg Rice Eco-Farmed California Basmati Brown, Gluten Free

Lundberg-Rice-Eco-Farmed-California-Basmati-Brownamazon-buy-nowHere is a video for you:

Moving on to our second…
 #2: Lundberg White Rice California Basmati Eco-Farmed, Gluten Free

However, even as more and more people are going health conscious and switching to whole grains, there will still be occasions when you need white basmati rice.

Often when entertaining guests who aren’t keen about brown rice, you want a good quality white basmati – and this one fits the bill perfectly! And since this is also gluten free, you can also enjoy it without a second thought!

However, one thing you should note is that this rice is already long grain and there will be little or no elongation. 

But since it is certified to be gluten free – you can easily overlook that fact! And as for quality and taste, you can always confirm with the customer reviews and then order it! And when you do order, go with Amazon for the best deals!

Lundberg White Rice California Basmati Eco-Farmed, Gluten Free

So, from here on remember that the answer to ‘is basmati rice gluten free?’ is yes – but that doesn’t mean there is no scare of contamination. Instead, choose to be sure so that your health does not suffer!

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