Is Jasmine Rice Gluten Free? Find The Answer Here!

This is a very pertinent question especially for those with celiac disease. Jasmine Rice is a very versatile grain, and can make for lovely dishes. But since even the hint of gluten can make a celiac person, or one with gluten intolerance fall sick, it is important that the rice be gluten free for you […] Read more

Is Ice-Cream Gluten Free?

No matter what time of the year it is, ice-cream is a treat you don’t want to miss out on. But with celiac disease or gluten-sensitivity, you are forced to think otherwise. But do you actually need to? BecauseThe FACT is that gluten ingredients are not really needed to make ice cream!Why would you? Think […] Read more

Why There’s No Simple Answer To ‘Is Chocolate Gluten Free’!

There are very few people, even among those who have celiac disease, who do not have a soft spot for chocolate. And if you go by the number of gluten free chocolates lining the supermarket aisles you will have no doubt whatsoever. But one question remains – is chocolate gluten free – in the truest […] Read more

Is Couscous Gluten Free?

Do you often wish you didn’t have Gluten intolerance so that the Middle-eastern flavors wouldn’t be off bounds? Because while you can have all the mezze, kebabs, sweets, salads…the question that keeps coming back to you is – is couscous gluten free?Gluten – the notorious element that anyone with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease usually […] Read more