Gluten Free Vegan Brownies: Bake Them Or Buy ‘em!

When you discover that you or someone dear to you has gluten intolerance, things start getting a little difficult. But when you already lead a vegan life – which in itself tends to be restrictive – and you discover that you’re gluten intolerant, it becomes a whole new level of difficult. You have to miss out on the little things that used to bring you joy…little goodies like the 11 o clock’ brownies.

But here’s the good news – you can have brownies that are both vegan and free of any gluten. How – you ask?

Well, for starters we will bring you a few good recipes. And then we will follow it up with a surprise! So for now, let’s focus on how to bake gluten free vegan brownies!

Now when it comes down to recipes, we couldn’t decide which one you would like better – the regular gluten free brownies, or something a little more exotic like chocolate banana brownies. So we just gave up and have brought you both.

So here is the first recipe, it’s the…

Regular vegan brownie – minus the gluten!

We could have got you a lengthy set of instructions, but we thought of skipping all that and getting you an easy to follow video instead. Now the recipe is from a cookbook, but of course, the chef plays around with it a little to give it her own twist. And you could do the same!

So here’s the video – watch and learn:

And now that you have that under your belt, it is time to try something more advanced. And this next recipe is really easy to follow; you just have to experiment a bit…

So here’s the recipe for chocolate banana brownies!

This one also uses brown rice flour as the base – but don’t be fooled by the basic ingredient used. Once you check out the recipe, you will know that these brownies can get pretty addictive – because they taste as yummy as they look decadent.

Check it out for yourself-

But, we did promise you a surprise at the beginning, right? Well, these two recipes will work great with people who are into cooking and love baking. But what of those who aren’t quite willing to spend any amount of time in the kitchen but would reach straight for readymade gluten free vegan brownies instead?

Well, for them we have these – and we are talking about-

Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Brownie Soft Baked Cookies, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, 6-Ounce Box

 The thing about readymade and processed stuff is that you don’t get to know what’s been slipped into them as ingredients. So there are chances of reactions to the product –not to mention the health risk.

But that’s not likely to happen with this pack of dark chocolate brownies! They are yummy, moist, and chewy – in short, everything a good brownie should be. And they come without the gluten or any animal product!

So they are meant for both vegans and gluten intolerant folks…
Chocolate-Brownie-Soft-Baked-Cookies amazon-buy-now

products   But why just take what we say at face value? Let’s take a look at what these brownies do not come with – then you can be sure that you can have these without worry!

Plus, each of these brownies is made in a nut and gluten free bakery. They also happen to be Kosher, just in case you were wondering. And lastly, they are made without any sort of preservatives.

This brings us to the next point – we have brought you a single pack – but you can also get the pack of six such boxes. It is really up to you – which quantity suits your needs best.

 But, you will only feel confident to order more than one box if the brownies pass the taste test right? Well, in that case we have brought you the general opinion on these brownies – from real people, who have tasted these and have ordered again! So here are a few customer reviews for you…

 Here is the first one we picked-

Beyond delicious!

“They are beyond delicious. You don't have to go looking for flavor - it's right there. It's a great treat for anyone, let alone those of us cutting out or cutting back on gluten. They're the right density, moistness, and chewiness, just like the perfect brownie. It is true that you only get 12 in a box and they are kind of small. I ration them so I only go through a box a week... They make a great quick-fix.”

-Reve Parker

But it was this review that really caught our attention!

I just love these!

“These are the best brownie cookies. For me, the best cookies. Period. I love chocolate, dark chocolate, and with my food restrictions I thought I'd never be able to eat another cookie for the rest of my life. I cannot have gluten, potato, tapioca, dairy, hemp, corn, soy. Most GF foods have potato and/or tapioca as a flour and added starch, along with other ingredients I cannot have. I am so delighted to have found these cookies, and to be able to buy them from Amazon for less than at the grocery, and delivered to my door is a huge bonus.”

-Amazon Customer

One can never say no to a good brownie – and one shouldn’t really have to. Even if you have food allergies and are leading a vegan lifestyle, you can still reach out and enjoy the taste of gluten free vegan brownies. All you have to do is either bake them, or…BUY THEM!

And this is where you get these delicious chocolaty brownies!

Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Brownie Soft Baked Cookies, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, 6-Ounce Box


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Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Brownie Soft Baked Cookies, Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free, 6-Ounce Box
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