Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies That Beat HEALTHY Cookies

You might have chosen a gluten free life for a number of reasons. It could be your vegan status, your food allergy, or just your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The choice is yours, but this choice does take a toll when your love for chocolate chips and freshly baked cookies is compromised with bland and nearly tasteless ‘healthy’ ones.

So we searched high and low because we wanted to know what would make the perfectly healthy yet tasty gluten free chocolate chip cookies for YOU. And a thorough digging through multiple customer reviews later, we present you with 2 brands that have clicked for innumerable cookie lovers – both on and off Amazon, because…

Even if you’re Gluten Intolerant you still deserve a good cookie.


What made Lucy’s Cookies an instant bestseller is the fact that Dr. Lucy, its creator is both a mother and a doctor. And her son has food sensitivities including gluten intolerance.

What makes Lucy’s cookies so special?

Thus the recipe emerged from a mother’s care combined with a medical practitioner’s understanding of food intolerance. But committed to a gluten free healthy life, you need a little more.

These could be your reasons for loving Lucy’s cookies:

We know the fact that you are forced to lead a gluten free life puts a bit of a constraint on your eating habits. So let’s start with what Lucy’s cookies DO NOT CONTAIN:


But then how do you get crunchy crispy cookies without any of these?

Amazon-video  The secret lies in Dr. Lucy Gibney’s special formula – one that she modified from her mother’s recipes. The tradition of baking cookies in a controlled and protected environment with her special brand of natural gluten free blend continues even today: And wait…there’s more! Lucy’s choco-chip cookies are for ANYONE who loves cookies, and a healthy life.

Still Worried?

Don’t be: You can rest assured that these cookies are perfectly consumer friendly.




You can still enjoy a crispy cookie:

It is not a problem even if you are a hardcore vegan – these cookies will still fit the bill.

NO Contamination:

It is Kosher passed with zero contamination.



Now that you know what makes these gluten free cookies immensely popular, let’s find out what cookie lovers and customers have to say about Dr. Lucy’s cookies…

Nicely Surprised

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“The cookies are delicious right out of the box. I am especially happy and was nicely surprised that gluten free cookies could taste so good.”

Best Gluten-free chocolate cookie

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Nels girls “nel girl”

“I don’t know how Dr. Lucy did it but these cookies are amazeballs! The snack bag … is the perfect size for a snack.”

These are just 2 of the 117 customer reviews at Amazon! You can always read through them and find out just how much cookie lovers (albeit committed to a Gluten Free Life) loved ‘Lucy’s cookies’.



So, the next time you want to get cosy with a pack of cookies

Bite into a Lucy’s Cookie!

Lucy’s cookies will do great if you are looking for a pack of readymade Tasty-Crunchy-Healthy chocolate cookies. What if you want to bake your gluten free chocolate chip cookies the good old fashioned way?

For those who won’t compromise a fresh batch of self made chocolate cookies, we have Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, 19-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6). The brand Betty Crocker has been around since 1921, providing happy meals for every home with tried and tested formulae. But what worked out for others may not work out for you. So to double check every aspect of this cookie mix, we present you with all the research that we unearthed from sources both on and off Amazon. And all from people who LOVE gluten free chocolate chip cookies. gluten_free-chocolate-chip_cookie-292x300

Here’s why this chocolate chip cookie mix made it to our Healthy N’ Tasty Gluten Free Cookie List:

 nutritional-facts-of-choco-chip-cookies  the-gluten-free-chocolate-chip-cookies-678x1024

  1. Our health-o-meter gives this cookie-mix a GREEN SIGNAL for its impressive Healthy Quotient.
  2. And if you’re out of practice, you can always follow the ‘BOOK’ so that no ‘wrong’ ingredient makes its way into the cookie.
  3. Every Betty Crocker cookie mix is made in a controlled and protected atmosphere. That means not only is there any chance of gluten contamination, there is no risk of any allergen contamination either.
  4. Bet you will open this pack sooner than you can say “Cookie”!
  5. Your love of cookies will promote a child’s need for education elsewhere.
It is no wonder that ‘Betty Crocker’, especially this chocolate chip cookie mix is a household name. Loyal followers of Betty Crocker never fail to grab their own packs whenever they get a chance. This is what they have to say…

Great Gobs of cookies

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“These make great cookies. I think they have the right amount of chocolate chips and they taste fabulous.”

Just Like I remember

Nels girls “R.Rowell”

Amazon Verified Purchase

“These cookies taste just like I remember … I like my cookies a little crisper and these came out perfect!! Highly recommended for those who “remember when” and want that great Betty Crocker taste”.

So if you want to make your own cookies…

Bake A Betty Crocker Cookie!



Both ‘Lucy’s’ gluten free chocolate chip cookies and ‘Betty Crocker’s’ cookie mix are available almost everywhere – retail stores, supermarkets, and on different online sites.

So why should you get them at Amazon?

At Amazon you not only save a lot on the special 16 pack, you get an additional discount of:

  •  5% when you subscribe for a regular delivery of one pack
  •  15% + if you get 5 packs or more in a single month

All of this and more… without extra shipping, commitment or obligation.

So order your pack while stocks last!

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