Gluten Free Biscuits That Are Loved By Gluten Lovers Too!

Gluten free biscuits can become your lifesaver when you don’t have anything else to munch on and you’re really hungry. That’s the good thing about biscuits – they are light, and even though they are filling, they don’t really kill your appetite…so you can take a quick ‘Biscuit-break’ in between your work and still be ready for a sumptuous meal a little later.

But the fact is biscuits are usually made of wheat and by extension, gluten. So you can’t just munch on any and every gluten free variety that comes your way because for all you know, they might be made in the same facility as regular biscuits. Even something as simple as biscuits can stir trouble when you have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance.

So what’s the way out of this dilemma?

To bake your own biscuits – so that you can rest easy, hone the baker in you and enjoy gluten free snacks all in one.

And nothing tastes better than homemade fresh biscuits, so we carried out an extensive search – for the best gluten free mix for biscuits…and we came up with not one but two biscuit mixes that are perfect for you.

And here’s the best part – these biscuits are a hot favorite with gluten lovers too! That’s how tasty and wholesome they are.

First up…

Here’s The Biscuit Mix That Was Championed By Kids – The 123 Gluten Free Southern Glory Biscuit Mix, 17.76 Oz!

And kids are the best judges!

This biscuit mix comes from a creator who is familiar the challenges of one who is gluten intolerant. Kim Ullner has a family full of people suffering from gluten intolerance – most of them are kids…so she has come up with gluten free mixes that are tested (read: tasted) and approved by KIDS before anyone else!

“What kind of biscuits will you get with this mix?” you ask.

They are the kind that is better than the gluten containing variety. They are fluffy, can be used to make more than just biscuits and they are perfectly nutritious. In fact, if you look at the adjacent nutrition chart, you will see that the biscuits made from this mix are a lot healthier.

These biscuits are:

  •     100% GLUTEN FREE
  • 100% wheat free and so they pass the gluten cross contamination test
  • Dairy free
  • Casein free
  • Nut free
  • Egg free
  • Soy free

So all the problems that might hinder you from enjoying these biscuits have already been taken care of.

Remember we said you could do a lot more with this biscuit mix?

The box itself provides you with instructions on how to make:

  • Regular gluten free biscuits
  • Butter Milk biscuits
  • Non-dairy buttermilk biscuits

You can also use this mix to prepare chicken pot pie, cinnamon buns, pigs-in-a-blanket, strawberry shortcake …and anything that uses biscuit mixes.

Here are two more reasons to enjoy the biscuits made from this particular mix!

NON GMO Certified!




And here are some more testimonials from the consumers…as much as we would love to get you all that these customers had to say about this mix…we can only get you a few snippets. The rest is up on Amazon for you to see.

Yummy GF biscuit mix!

“Super tasty gluten free biscuit mix. I use the spoon roll recipe posted on the inside of the box and they’re delicious! I’ve also used this mix to make my traditional Christmas morning monkey bread sans eggs, gluten and soy. The monkey bread comes out so perfect with this biscuit mix. Often gluten free biscuit dough and gluten free flour flours produce very tough and terrible tasting sweets and breads. I have tried countless numbers of gluten free products and this brand and this particular mix is by far the best tasting and best textured.”

– C. Crayton “A Sometimes Shopper”

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Best biscuits ever–with gluten or without!

“These biscuits were amazing! Fluffy, tasty, yummy–you name it. And they couldn’t be easier to make. I did the non-dairy version using almond milk. So, so good! Try this mix!”

-vintage woman

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So now that you know how wonderful and utilitarian this biscuit mix is, it is time to try them out for yourself. And given that these biscuits are well loved by everybody…chances are that they will be sold out unless you grab your own pack today.

So what are you waiting for?

Place an order for the 123 Gluten Free Southern Glory Biscuit Mix, 17.76 oz and enjoy the healthy taste of gluten free biscuits.

While the mix from 123 is a welcome treat for kids and adults alike…we won’t leave you with just this one option. In fact, here is another gluten free mix for biscuits that have won accolades all over – from both gluten loving and gluten intolerant people.

Up next,

The all natural gluten free mix that can be used for both biscuits and scone – The Moon Rabbit Gluten Free Country Biscuit and Scone Mix, 12.9-Ounce!

In fact you can enjoy many more such yummy treats without the worry of gluten and allergic response to hinder your enjoyment.

This biscuit mix comes from a line of gluten free baking products…each of which encourages a creative way to celebrate your gluten free existence.

The light and fluffy biscuits you get from this particular mix are tasty and are perfect for people who enjoy baked goods, but are hindered by their gluten intolerance.

So now it is your turn to enjoy some wholesome biscuits minus the worries!


What makes this mix so special?

As you will notice, this mix is 100% natural and gluten free. It also ranks higher in nutrition content as the Nutrition facts will reveal. Plus, you also get the recipes along with the mix, not just for biscuits but also for scones. So even if you’re new to baking, as long as you follow the clear instructions, you will be able to bake a batch of scones and biscuits anytime…

And once you get the basics of making biscuits and scones with this mix right…you can move on to prepare other baked goods.

 Gluten-Free-Biscuit-ingredients And for the record, manufacturers at Moon Rabbit Foods believe in complete transparency. Hence you get a list of ingredients as well as the cautionary message that this product is prepared in a facility that also uses

  • Nuts
  • Dairy
  • Soy

Regardless, people have loved the biscuit mix because of its taste, and its gluten free status…so much so that even those who do not have a celiac problem have appreciated this mix. So here are a few snippets of what customers at Amazon have had to say on this mix.

Amazing Biscuits!

“These biscuits and scones are amazing. I’ve used this mix several times (and many of their other mixes) and they always turn out great. I’ve served them to friends and they cannot believe they are gluten free.
Thank you Moon Rabbit, I’ll be buying more from you.”

-Patricia A. Mitchell “pmit”

Amazon Verified Purchase

Exceptionally High Quality and taste!

“I was blown away by the quality of this mix. It’s a little messy to work with, bout very well worth it. I added chopped white chocolate and dried apricots to jazz up the scones, and they’re SOOO good. Even my gluten-loving boyfriend was impressed enough to not only eat several, but also ask me to make them again. Can’t get a much better recommendation than that. I’ve re-ordered!”

-The Pearl

Amazon Verified Purchase

As you can see, this biscuit mix has won hearts…and here is another reason why you should make your purchase of this biscuit mix…The Amazon

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So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the wholesome taste of gluten free biscuits!

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