Get your Gluten Free Popcorn In All Your Favorite Flavors!

The one thing that people with gluten intolerance hate is that most of their beloved snack items get transferred to the NO-NO list. It’s almost the same for people who’ve shifted to gluten free to enjoy better health.

Say you’re enjoying a Friday night movie with your loved ones, and you instinctively reach out for the popcorn, only to realize they are off limits. How sad is that.

And tasty gluten free popcorn is pretty hard to come by. Which is why we bring you some great news – in fact, we bring you the best tasting popcorn ever – minus any gluten!

Popcornopolis Gluten Free 12 Cone Snack Pack (3 Snack-Size Mini Cones of Each DELICIOUS Variety)

We don’t really need to launch into a discussion to tell you that Popcornopolis is where you get the ultimate gourmet popcorn. You know that already.

So all you need to be assured about is the gluten factor. And these are 100% gluten free. Plus they are the healthier versions of regular popcorn – since they don’t even contain any trans fats. Also, to make the popcorn stay crunchy even days after manufacturing, manufacturers usually add preservatives. Not all of them are good for your health. But these contain none of those either!

So you really can bank on these…

 Popcornopolis-Gluten-Free-12-Cone-Snack-Pack Now that takes care of the quality factor. You still have to deal with the taste – and here let’s just tell you that you get the most delicious variety ever. Gluten free popcorn usually tastes bland – but not these.

And true to their claim, they offer you a variety of flavors – of gluten less popcorn! And the varieties you get in this 12 cone pack are:

  • Caramel
  • Kettle corn
  • Zebra and
  • Cheddar cheese

Now some people were a little disappointed with the size of the package – they expected bigger packs. But there were others who were more than pleased with the amount of popcorn they got…

To lay the matter to rest, let’s just check out what the customers who actually bought and tasted these popcorns had to say. They have had the popcorn – and so they will be the best judge…

So here is the first customer review we picked-

More than I expected!

“Before buying this, I read through several reviews to make sure what I was getting exactly. One review I remember said it was smaller than they expected, that that was what they were expecting...THESE THINGS WERE HUGE! I was expecting some dinky, 3-inch packages, but...these definitely did NOT fit in the stocking I was stuffing! These are 2.7oz packages, and a good...I'd say 10 inches? It was an extremely pleasant surprise, all the popcorn tasted deliciously fresh, and it was the PERFECT gift for my popcorn-loving fiend. I would recommend this product, AND I would buy from them again!”


Amazon Verified Purchase

And here is what another customer said about the taste…

Heaven in your mouth!

“The first time I had ever even heard of this brand was a few months ago at Christmas. My in-laws got my wife and I some with the warning "You won't be able to stop eating them!" Pft, sure. Little did I know they were absolutely incredibly correct. The first one we tried was the Zebra corn and it is absolutely astounding. So far my favorite is the Cheddar. Hands down it is the best cheddar popcorn you will ever taste. Every single flavor that popcornopolis offers is amazing.”

- Miguel Bahena

Amazon verified Purchase

 As you can tell, these are the best options in gluten free popcorn, going by both taste and quantity. And given that you get these from Amazon, you can rest assured about packaging and quick delivery too. So the next time, movie night will see you enjoying popcorn – just like the other members of your family!

But for that, you will have to get your order in place- while stocks last!

Popcornopolis Gluten Free 12 Cone Snack Pack (3 Snack-Size Mini Cones of Each DELICIOUS Variety)

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Popcornopolis Gluten Free 12 Cone Snack Pack (3 Snack-Size Mini Cones of Each DELICIOUS Variety)
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