Can You Get Gluten Free Root Beer?

Root beer is a favorite non-alcoholic drink in the U.S. But when you are diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, or celiac disease, you tend to become conscious about most things you eat or drink. And a very valid question to ask is ‘can you get gluten free root beer?’ But actually, the more pertinent question is – does root bear contain gluten? And we are trying to take a look at that now.
Photo credit: Sharon Drummond via Compfightcc

Photo credit: Sharon Drummond via Compfightcc

Well, Root beer is actually a drink made using the root of a plant called sassafras. It often also comes flavored, most popularly with ginger. Now, ideally, none of the ingredients used contain gluten – so that way it is gluten free. But beer making requires quite a bit of processing – and at any stage of this processing, there is a chance of cross contamination. Because the same equipment may have been used earlier for a gluten containing item. So – how do you steer clear of these?

Well, ideally it is suggested that you check the labels carefully – if they are certified to be gluten free then they are going to most assuredly be safe. And, we have one such product for you here today!

And the one we have for you here is the…

Zevia All Natural Soda, Ginger Root Beer

Firstly, this is actually a ginger flavored root beer – and the taste of ginger is quite strong.  But since it is safe for you, it can serve as a good alternative drink! Now, there are a number of attributes of this root beer that make it a great buy – in addition to it being 100% gluten free and therefore safe for you! We have listed those here:

  • It’s free of any added sugar – all the added sugar is from stevia, the healthiest sweetener around!
  • It is also kosher and vegan – so if any of those are concerns for you – then this is totally allowed for you.
  • It is a zero calorie drink – so unlike the other ‘soda’ options, this won’t add to your waistline.
  • It is a completely natural formulation, and no additives have been added to it for flavor.
Now to get down to the taste matters….

How does this gluten free and healthy alternative hold up to the other root beers? Going by what a customer says, this is really as good as it gets. If you have had A&W root beer in your childhood, chances are that recollections of the flavor still linger in memory. And this apparently matches up to that! That is saying something!

Also, at its price, it’s possibly the best zero calorie root beer you can find – and that is including the ‘with- gluten’ stuff. Check out the economical price on Amazon itself!

All in all, this is actually a great root beer drink. And as we have already made clear – it is a gluten free root beer option! So want to have root beer without worrying about your condition?

You should definitely consider this!


 Zevia All Natural Soda, Ginger Root Beer

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