Are Rolled Oats Gluten Free? Find One That IS!

Being Gluten intolerant means you’re always on the lookout for grains that are healthy, tasty but most importantly, completely free of gluten. And one of the popular grains that most people are somewhat apprehensive about are rolled oats. They are a pretty versatile form of grain, can be used in different kinds of dishes and don’t taste too bad. But the question is – are rolled oats gluten free?

But before we get to that question, let’s first see what rolled oats are…

Rolled oats are oats that have been crushed after being husked. So they are pretty much as close to the actual grain that grows on the plants. And oats – as you may already know – do not contain any gluten. So it would logically follow that rolled oats are also gluten free…
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It isn’t really as simple as that. The fact is that rolled oats get husked and crushed in the same mill as other grains. And at any of these mills, cross contamination is a very real risk. So while oats are gluten free, rolled oats aren’t necessarily so.

But not to fret – because the manufacturing world does think about people who are gluten intolerant. And their answer to your problem is to create packaged rolled oats – that are guaranteed to be safe from cross-contamination! And we did go through quite a few such products before zeroing in on the one that is best… You’ll know why in just a moment!

First the product: GF Harvest Gluten Free Organic Rolled Oats, 41-Ounce Pouch.

Now our reason for recommending this brand of rolled oats and none other…

Firstly it is completely ORGANIC!

And of course, it is as impressive in terms of nutritional information as good quality oats can get:


  • It contains quite a bit of calories per serving – but fat accounts for very little of these calories!
  • In fact, it is very low in fat content – just 4% per serving, and that too only 2% of that is saturated fat. No trans-fat at all!
  • Incorporating carbohydrates in one’s diet can become a problem with gluten intolerance – but not with these rolled oats –9% of every serving is carbohydrate.
  • Pretty high fiber content – 15% – that keeps you healthy and helps your body to flush out toxins!
  • It contains 5 grams of protein in every serving of 40 grams!
  • And with these rolled oats you get a daily dose of Iron and Thiamine as well!

And now for what others like you, who’ve tried it out, have to say about it at Amazon:

These oats are excellent!

“After cooking with the oats (bread, pancakes, cookies, and oatmeal), I love the quality and taste of them. What I love most is that the oats are gluten-free AND organic; I have yet to find a company that has both.”


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best GF oats I’ve tried!

“These are by far my favorite gluten free oats that I have tried. I prefer them due to the fact that they are a bit sweeter and thinner cut than the others. They really are the most like Quaker oatmeal (which is what I grew up on). So if you like(d) Quaker oats but now need to have certified gluten free oats- this is your best substitution! You will love to be able to make oatmeal cookies once again!”


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And then you have the option of getting it for a super saver price! Just avail of the “Subscribe and Save” offer at Amazon and you can have your daily dose of gluten free rolled oats – complete with a 5% discount on the price!

 No more asking yourself –

“Are rolled oats gluten free?”

With the

GF Harvest Gluten Free Organic Rolled Oats, 41-Ounce Pouch…

Yes, THEY are!


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