6 Compelling Reasons To Have ONLY This Gluten Free Tortilla

Tortillas can be quite a healthy, yummy treat and you can sample them anytime, anywhere, unless of course you are gluten intolerant and need to watch your step carefully. Like every other product in the market, tortillas too are available in their gluten free version, but then gluten free tortilla seldom delivers on the ‘taste’ count – it is so very bland! Well, time to change all that and give your taste buds a welcome change with Del Campo Tortillas Soft Corn Tortillas, 6 inch round, 8 lbs per case.

Del-Campo-Tortillas-Soft-Corn-TortillasSo, why exactly has it got the customers raving?

Is it just the taste? No that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just scroll down and find the 6 compelling reasons for you to buy a pack of Del Campo tortillas RIGHT NOW!

#1: 100% Natural!

If you are all for organic food, this brand of tortillas should be your pick. The manufacturers at Del Campo take every care to pick the choicest corns to prepare their tortillas. And the flour they use is obtained from a NON-GMO SUPPLIER. With no artificial ingredients added to them, the tortillas are 100% NATURAL!

#2: The Manufacturers Believe In Quality And NOT Quantity

No wonder only a small batch of Tortillas are baked every day. After all, a manufacturer who really cares for its customers would not want to compromise with the quality of the product.

Here’s a video which shows how Tortillas are hygienically prepared at the De Campo food factory.

#3: No Preservatives Added

While preservatives are often used to increase the shelf-life of products, if added in excess, they can pose a number of health hazards, including neuro-degenerative diseases. And in certain cases, they can also be carcinogenic! However, when it comes to these Tortillas, you can have them without a worry because THEY CONTAIN NO PRESERVATIVES AT ALL.

#4: Lasts Long

And just for those who would jump to the conclusion that these tortillas won’t last long because there are no preservatives added to them, time to rethink! These tortillas can last as long as 1 week when kept in the refrigerator. Just make sure that you refrigerate them immediately after receiving. Simply wrap the package in foil and put it in a zip loc bag. But then of course, there is no match for the taste you get to enjoy when you have them fresh!

#5: More Than Being Just Gluten Free

Yes, these tortillas have quite a few more reasons to make you happy:

  • It is low in calories (the package reads that each serving yields just 60 calories).
  • Low in sodium (ideal for those suffering from high blood pressure).
  • It is strictly Kosher.

#6: Save More Money And Time

There are 8 lbs per case and each lb comprises of 16 tortillas. So once you buy a pack of this gluten-free Tortilla, you get sufficient numbers of Tortillas for you and your family to enjoy.


These tortillas are just a snap to prepare. Just warm them up and try with different combos – guacamole, eggs or just anything that catches your fancy!

So, do you find these tortillas ticking all the right boxes? If you need further convincing, check out the firsthand account of the customers.
Photo Credit: Emily Barney via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Emily Barney via Compfight cc


Best Tortillas in the World!!!
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“… I searched for weeks online and in the stores to find an all-natural authentic corn tortilla. They all were loaded with chemicals, gums, cellulose, etc. Finally I found Del Campo. All-natural. Authentic. Mexican tortillas as they were meant to be.”

Choosy Mom

These tortillas taste just like the ones we ate in Mexico during our vacation.

“…They are great for lunch and supper …. Because they are made in small batches, you can really taste the difference.”

Chula Vista

And just to strengthen your resolve further, here’s one of the most compelling reasons ( we saved the best for the last!)

It has got the highest rating of 5 stars at Amazon!!

So, ready to order you pack? You can look up Amazon in case you want to clinch a great deal!

The manufacturers have limited the distribution of the Del Campo Tortillas Soft Corn Tortillas, 6 inch round, 8 lbs per case to very few online stores, Amazon being one (and the most reliable) of them. And don’t expect this brand of Gluten Free Tortilla just about anywhere. As you know by now, Del Campo is a stickler for perfection, and DO NOT mass-produce their products.

So order your pack today lest the stock gets exhausted!!

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