5 Gluten Free Beer Brands That Actually Taste Good!

Gluten free beer brands? Is that even possible, you ask? Let’s see…

What is Beer? Traditionally it is the sugar and starch of Barley, extracted from the grain, and then fermented with the help of yeast to produce the beverage. While it is traditionally barley, wheat or rye are also sometimes used in its place.

Photo Credit: hakaider via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: hakaider via Compfightcc

But why is beer off limits?

But then the nature of the above mentioned grains itself makes Beer a complete no-no for you and other gluten intolerant people like you, right? Unfortunately, all these three types of grain are sources of gluten, and any beer created from their fermentation cannot be Gluten free.

But what’s a hot summer day without a glass of chilled beer?

You know that Gluten free beers exist – but they usually taste so yuck! They’re made from other grains or alternate sources of starch. And that’s probably the reason for them tasting so off. But wait… they needn’t taste so bad!

5 Gluten free Beer Brands that you should try out soon

Quite a few beer manufacturers have actually come up with gluten-free beers that taste pretty decent. And you needn’t look too far, because they’re right here.

#1 Celia Saison

Celia Saison is a favorite even with people who’re not gluten intolerant! It is made with starch from Sorghum and is flavored with Celia hops and peel from Curacao oranges. They ferment it using Belgian Yeast.

#2 Omission Pale Ale

There are two gluten-free options from these brewers – the Pale variety and the full-bodied lager which is more classic. They’re not made from any other grain – it’s still barley, just low-protein. But during the brewing, they add an enzyme called Brewers Clarex which removes the gluten and makes it more-or-less safe for the gluten intolerant.

#3 Epic Glutenator

The Glutenator, as the name suggests, answers the gluten problem very seriously! The brewers completely do away with all sources of gluten as well as sorghum! Instead they brew their beer from molasses, brown rice, millet and sweet potato. As for hops, they use citrus ones which add a nice touch of flavor.

This is one of the gluten free beers that are quite liked universally.

#4 Dogfish Head Tweason’Ale

Dogfish Head – the brewery that makes this beer – aren’t exactly known for conforming to tradition. They brew beer from fruits and combine flavors that most people aren’t so sure even go together. Nevertheless, they brew and produce beer that tastes mighty fine!

This one is made from mild sorghum and strawberries and has a signature sweet and sour taste that you will like!

#5 Harvester Fresh Hop IPA

This brewery is complete gluten free and the beer is also liked by gluten intolerant people. They brew this beer from oats certified to be gluten-free, white sorghum, toasty chestnuts and fresh hops!

The resultant beer? A clear winner with gluten intolerant and other people alike!

So, gone are the days when beer was off limits just because your body rejects gluten… Try out these gluten free beer brands and you are sure to find at least 1 (if not more) that you will WANT to stock up in your fridge!

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5 Gluten Free Beer Brands That Actually Taste Good!
Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease needn’t come between you and your glass of chilled beer! Try out these 5 brands and you are sure to love them!

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