2 Gluten Free Lasagna Options For The GF Lasagna-Lover!

Did you ever think that you’d be able to eat lasagna ever since you were diagnosed with gluten intolerance? But the great news is that you can still have your fill of the yummy Italian classic – all you need is to make it using gluten free lasagna sheets!

To make this you obviously need to get the lasagna sheets – because honestly, making gluten free pasta is just a pain – and ordering a set is way more easier and convenient. But when ordering, go only for the best… and we’ve brought you two such 5 star products for you to consider. One is gluten free lasagna sheets – the other however, is a quick solution to the lasagna cravings of a GF person!

First up, we have gluten free pasta sheets that you can use to make lasagna – these are the Cappello’s Gluten Free, Grain Free Lasagna Sheets

These sheets of pasta are not only gluten free, but also amazingly low in glycemic index. And of course, they have a lovely deep rich flavor – good enough to beat normal wheat pasta!

Wondering what this pasta is made of? Here’s the whole list:

  • Almond flour instead of wheat. This is gluten free and very tasty!
  • Tapioca flour
  • Cage free eggs – so they also have the characteristic taste of egg pasta
  • Xanthan gum
  • Sea Salt


The other amazing thing about this pasta is that you needn’t precook it! That means – no boiling the sheets before you assemble your lasagna… You can just layer up the dry sheets and bake the lasagna for amazing results!

And because this product is grain free – in case you are on a Paleo diet, these are perfect for you! And now for hearing actual customers recommending it:

Very Good!


“While not strictly paleo, it is close enough for me. I had a huge craving for lasagna when I stumbled across these noodles. They are so good! Definitely recommend them and definitely will buy them again.”

The Best Gluten Free Pasta!!


“I have tried a lot of pasta since finding out that I cannot have gluten and this is the very best!!! This pasta is more expensive but so worth it if you want great pasta!! It uses almond flour which makes all the difference in the world!”

So, made up your mind? If you want this pasta, just go ahead and order the set of 4 12oz-packs from Amazon and get cooking!

Cappello’s Gluten Free, Grain Free Lasagna Sheets

But for those of you who want gluten free pasta in a quick-fix method, here’s what you need …

This is actually a slightly ‘deconstructed’ gluten free Lasagna! So we did use a complicated ‘cheffy’ term, but what we mean is here is lasagna that is not in sheets and much much easier to assemble.

In fact, if there ever was an ‘instant lasagna’ the Sam Mills Beef Lasagna is the one!

This is actually an easy way to make a ‘bowlful’ of lasagna! The pack comes with small gluten free pasta, as well as a lasagna spice mix. All you need to do is fry some beef till brown, add some water, milk and the spice mix. Then you just need to simmer it for 15-20 minutes and your lasagna in a bowl is done!

As for the pasta, here’s what it is made of:

  • Corn flour – that is GMO free and completely safe from contamination.

Even the sauce is completely free from contamination.

The other good thing about this pasta mix – all the ingredients used are Food and Drug Administration or FEMA GRAS approved – not artificial – ingredients!

And if you thought cost will be a factor – since you get everything in a packet – minus the cost of the beef, one pack of this pasta + mix costs under $5 and makes 5 full servings! And what’s more – when you ‘Save & Subscribe’ through Amazon, you save a further 5% on them!

And here’s one more reason for getting this – here’s what customers had to say about this pasta

This really rocks. Hard to believe it is GF


“This is the best GF food I have had in 4 months (since I have been eating GF). There is no compromise on the pasta. It tastes, and more importantly feels, like regular pasta.Great flavor in the lasagna sauce.”


Haley Davidson

“I recommend this product anyone that can not have gluten. This product is great! I well be buying more very soon.”

Ready to have instant lasagna – gluten free style? All you need to do is order it on Amazon – and they’ll ensure it’s at your doorstep real soon!

Sam Mills Beef Lasagna

Which gluten free lasagna you buy is of course up to you – want to go traditional – make the cheese sauce, the meat sauce and make a dish of wholesome baked lasagna, go for the sheets, but if time is of the essence and you want instant lasagna – go for an order of the second!

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