2 Gluten Free English Muffins For You To Choose From!

When gluten allergy or intolerance comes knocking on your door, for the ‘sanity’ of your digestive system, there are quite a few things that you need to eliminate from your diet. And one such thing, among quite a few others, is – an English muffin. Well, most of us cannot imagine an English muffin without wheat or flour… but lo and behold! We’ve just brought you, not one, but TWO gluten free English muffins to choose from!

So, no more saying no to your toasted muffin or even your favorite eggs benedict… and instead saying yes to either (or both) of these!

First up, we have:

 The Gluten Egg Dairy Free English Muffins, 4 count – New Grains.

So, we usually always recommend nothing but the best… but then, why is this one, one of the best?


  • It is a great option for people with all kinds of allergies – egg, soy, dairy, or even peanuts – not just gluten!
  • The facility where these are made is certified to be completely gluten free – so not even a remote chance of contamination!
  • Made with a mixture of two types of gluten free flour to give a better taste:

    1. Tapioca flour
    2. Sweet brown rice flour

  • And so far as the English muffin feel is concerned – these muffins are chewy outside and moist and soft inside - Perfect toasted for breakfast!

But we have made it a practice to bring you the opinions of others who’ve already tasted the said product… And here too we aren’t going to disappoint. Here are the customer reviews from Amazon:


Stephanie Darrow

Amazon Verified Purchase

“If you are looking for a gluten free english muffin this is the best that I have found so far. The company is nice to deal with.”

Great taste

David D. Messina

Amazon Verified Purchase

“Even though these English muffins are gulten free, they taste delicious. I highly recommend them whether you add jelly or butter.”

Does this sound like the one you want to have and you don’t want to delay? Then do go ahead and order these from Amazon!

Gluten Egg Dairy Free English Muffins, 4 count – New Grains

But if you believe variety is the spice of life, read on…

Because we’re about to bring you the gluten free English muffin we promised you!

And here it is:

The Ener-G Foods English Muffins, 14.8-Ounce Units (Pack of 6) is the second recommendation we have for you. Again, we aren’t saying that without reasons:

It comes from the Ener-G brand –started in Washington in 1962 and has since become completely geared towards providing foods that are safe for special diets! And when we talk about a company like this, they’ll be most concerned about cross contamination and you can be sure they’ll do everything they can to avoid this!

Besides, these English muffins are:

  • Rich in protein
  • Come with a Kosher certificate.

Now for taste tests:

These muffins are made with a mixture of tapioca starch, white rice flour and powdered tofu. So they aren’t soy free – but they sure taste yumm!

As for your allergies, these English muffins are free of:

  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Of course, Wheat!

Unlike a few other English muffins, these don’t fall apart when being split and the texture is just right!

And we are not the only ones attesting how good these are… Here are others at Amazon who’ve tried these out and keep coming back to them!

Gluten Free English Muffins

Corvette 828

Amazon Verified Purchase

“These are great. We were told to stay away from wheat, barley and rye. This is a good answer for us. They a not pre-cut so you have to cut them in to. I recommend them.”

Gift for Mom with Celiac

R.C. “Szia05″

Amazon Verified Purchase

“My mom has had Celiac for 15 years now. She is always looking for good gluten free products. I bought her theses for Christmas one year and she loved them! Now I buy her some all the time!!”

So, if the second English muffins – with the kosher certificate and the tofu seem like more your option, don’t wait it out! Order them before they are gone

Ener-G Foods English Muffins, 14.8-Ounce Units (Pack of 6)

Ultimately, the choice of gluten free English muffin depends on you… but then till you’ve actually tried both out – you wouldn’t know which one wins by just that little bit over the other, right? So be brave – order both! There’s no gluten, but there’s a world of taste!

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Ener-G Foods English Muffins, 14.8-Ounce Units (Pack of 6)
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