2 Better Than The Best Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce Options!

Photo Credit: issye via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: issye via Compfightcc

What’s an Asian braised teriyaki chicken dish minus the yummy rich teriyaki sauce that lends so much of the deep resonant flavour? But being on a gluten free diet means that teriyaki sauce could pose a bit of a risk to your health. Since teriyaki sauce is made from soy sauce, which may contain grains you cannot possibly have this on a gluten free diet. But what if there is indeed a solution that could make teriyaki sauce a part of the food you cook?

What if you could get your hands on a gluten free teriyaki sauce?

Wouldn’t that be nice? And we do such nice things for you – so we brought you not just 1, but 2 yummy teriyaki sauce options that are completely gluten free!


First up we have the Maui Maid Teriyaki Sauce and Marinade. It has an amazingly smoky aroma that hits you the moment you open the bottle! In fact, it comes in more than one variety:

  • Natural flavor
  • Onion flavor
  • Spicy flavor

The flavors of each individual product are very good and sure to win you over. But that’s not the only reason for recommending this. This one is more of a marinade than a sauce – so the manufacturers kept in mind how the flavor would intensify with cooking. As a result it is light in terms of flavor and sweetness.

When you’ve used this to marinate your meat or fish and then cooked it, that’s when the amazing flavor really comes through!

In addition to the flavour factor, health-wise too this is a perfect teriyaki marinade to be recommending. Here’s exactly why:

Nutrition-Facts1First check out the amazing nutritional facts – yes, considering it is mainly soy, you would expect the high sodium content – you just use a little bit. However, this is all from salt – no added sodium. But besides that, just check out the fat content – it is nil!

Yes, that’s right, no fat in this yummy sauce!

And since we are talking about health, here are all the other reasons that ensure this one is plain healthy for you!

  • Does not contain any High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No artificial colors
  • IT is certified to be non-GMO
  • Contains NO Preservatives, either!

Healthy option, isn’t it? And quite a versatile one too! Keep in your kitchen and use it in just about any Asian recipes you like!

But wait, still need a bit more convincing?

Check out what satisfied – all 5 star reviewers – over at Amazon had to say about this sauce!

 THE best gluten free teriyaki sauce!!!!

“We were given a bottle of Maui Maid to “try”, and OMG! The best teriyaki we have ever had. Mild and sweet, and absolutely delicious on BBQ. Marinade a couple hours, then brush while cooking makes a sticky, wonderful sauce. We use primarily on chicken and pork, but can’t imagine it wouldn’t enhance any foods you choose to use it on. Recomend this to everyone, you will never use anything else.”

Best sauce ever!!!!!

Sarah C.

Amazon Verified Purchase
“I Bought two of each flavor,and in less than 3 weeks,I am down to only two bottles. It’s good on steak,chicken,fish,and great in a Thai peanut sauce!!!This sauce is the best I have ever had. Light and delicious…with a perfect blend of spices, and just the exact right amount of everything!!!! Almost time to order more!”

In fact, did you just notice the most interesting fact here? One of the reviews didn’t even mention the gluten free factor and still said it’s the ‘best sauce ever!’ That’s right, taste-wise, this marinade actually beats even its gluten-containing counterparts out of the competition!

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And get cooking!

But that’s not all… We did say we have 2 products for you – and here’s the second gluten free teriyaki sauce for you.

This one is a true-blue teriyaki sauce though!

This one is called Sunny’s Gourmet Products, Korean Teriyaki Sauce.

Korean-Teriyaki-103x300And if you’ve ever eaten at Sunny’s restaurant near Indiana – you will surely swear by her amazing teriyaki sauce! And this one is just that!

The very same teriyaki sauce in a bottle and that too 100% gluten free!

This one is Korean and has a signature blend of sweet and salty. In addition to the soya sauce, this one also contains spices that give it a characteristic flavor that you won’t get in any other teriyaki sauce available in stores.

According to actual users’ accounts, you can use this as a sauce to braise, as a salad dressing with olive oil – or even as a simple marinade when barbecuing meat, poultry or fish!

So, here comes the yummy chicken teriyaki that you can make AT HOME using this amazing sauce!


If that wasn’t reason enough, here’s more on why this is a good thing to have in the kitchen cupboard:

This one too is completely devoid of fat! No fat in the ingredients at all!

nutrition-facts-of-teriyaki-sauceIn fact, in terms of sodium content it is actually lower than the other one.

And consider this:

  • This one is completely safe for vegans as well!
  • It contains NO MSG – a common ingredient in many Asian condiments.
  • No preservatives.
  • And – all the ingredients used are completely natural!

And of course, just to emphasise – any Sunny’s regular will tell you that this sauce is worth its weight in GOLD!
nutrition fact Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce

And if you wanted to hear the actual words of such Sunny loyalists – check out what they say at Amazon!

 This stuff is MAGICAL!

Jennifer Kaminski
“This is the best teriyaki sauce I’ve ever tried and is amazing for dipping spring rolls and dumplings. The flavor is sweet yet savory and pairs well with fish, chicken, or beef. My favorite is on salmon!”

 Sunny’s Teriyaki is the best!

Christine M. Moulds
“I have loved the teriyaki sauce so much, I purchase it from the restaurant. Now I can order it online from Amazon! We use it for stir fry, marinade, dipping sauce or just pour it on some cooked rice. It has a full flavor that will give your food a restaurant-quality taste. It is a notch above the teriyaki sauces in the grocery store.”

And again, be it gluten free or vegan safe – it still wins hands down – even in competition with other not-gluten-free teriyaki sauces!

Ready to order your own bottle?

Or ready to ‘Save And Subscribe’ and Save money as well!

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Sunny’s Gourmet Products, Korean Teriyaki Sauce

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So much for gluten free teriyaki sauces – gluten intolerance can be quite a bother – but when you get these sauces, the gluten factor will not bother you ANYMORE!

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