2 Gluten Free Baking Powder Choices: Which Will You Choose?

Baking is something that is almost always associated with gluten. Because whenever you bake, especially cakes, you are almost always using flour. But being gluten intolerant means that all such cakes, puddings and confections are out for you!

So you find a way around – by using different grains, flours and baking mixes – things that are free of gluten. And then, after all that, you add in your customary teaspoon or two of baking powder – and that little raising agent gives you an allergy! Now that is a really bad situation, and one that is easily avoidable! How? By using gluten free baking powder…

We have brought you two options right now – each vying for top spot. But there is a little catch. The first one gets a higher rating but is currently unavailable on Amazon. Buy they do have more on the way!

So you can always go and check them out – and if it’s back in stock, happy choosing! Otherwise, there is always the equally good second option! Now let’s look at them, shall we?

#1 Baking Powder, Gluten Free, Bob's Red Mill 2/16oz

This one is from the well-known Bob’s Red Mill brand – they are known for all their baking and grain supplies. And they are also known for bringing you the absolute best.

And keeping in mind the plight of people with allergies, they also have a whole range that is certified to be ‘gluten free’. In fact, this one features in that very list.

But that isn’t the only good thing about this baking powder. Often, inferior quality baking powder manufacturers tend to sneak in other ‘elements’ into their baking powder – it may be accidental or to bulk up the product. Either way, things like sodium and aluminum have been found in certain brands. But this is the purest baking powder you will get – free of aluminum, as you can see on the packet!

In this one pack you actually get 2 packets of 16 oz. each – so once you order this for the very reasonable price, you actually won’t run out of raising agent any time soon!

And just to sum it all up – here’s a testimonial:

Good product
“I was looking for a baking powder without aluminum and this is the brand which doesn`t have aluminum. Taste is great.”
Verified Purchase

Most regular bakers would argue that baking powder has no flavor at all – but it does help to enhance flavor. And this one will just make your cakes and stuff taste even better. So if this is the one you have zeroed in on, here’s how to get it:


Baking Powder, Gluten Free, Bob's Red Mill 2/16oz

But yes, the only downside right now is that immediately, this isn’t available on Amazon!

But yes, there is always the other alternative we promised you… and here is that one for you to check out:

#2 Hain Baking Powder, Gluten Free, Sodium Free, 8 oz

As you know very well, if they put it on the label, they will take every care to ensure that the product is indeed free of even the minutest trace of gluten. So you can get this is a safe alternative, without a worry in the world.

This is one that contains traces of potassium, which is needed and good for you. But yes, it is free of sodium, so good for your health in the long run.

In fact, going by the reviews, those who have used this baking powder once actually swear by it and are wary of using a different brand! That is proof enough of how well this works!

Plus, this being processed in a contamination free factory, it is said to be safe for people with most kinds of allergies. 

But enough about the baking powder itself, now let’s check out a review or two:

Hain Baking Powder
“I was no longer able to get this baking powder at the grocery store we usually go to. I was really happy to get it from Amazon. I have used it for quite a while and I really like it. I am allergic to corn and corn products and this baking powder has no corn products in it.”
-Barbara S. Hessenthaler
Verified Purchase

As you can see – when the local store stopped stocking these, this lady took to buying it on Amazon! And now for another one:

Baking powder with no sodium!
“The price was right; the product arrived promptly; it works as promised. It is very nice to have a premixed baking-powder product that doesn't load the recipe with sodium.”
- Bruce D. Clayton
Verified Purchase

So, if the reviews have been convincing enough for you – then this is the perfect and quite affordable gluten free baking powder to go for… And all you have to do is check it out on Amazon and place your orders!

Hain Baking Powder, Gluten Free, Sodium Free, 8 oz

Here is a video:

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Hain Baking Powder, Gluten Free, Sodium Free, 8 oz
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